2018 – 19 School Year

Our research team of college students has spent over 100 hours writing 233 pages worth of qualitative data on 26 nonprofit organizations. Click here for more info on our process. We read through the data and determined two to three organizations to give to during each theme this year. To make the final decision, we had our student leaders at our high schools and colleges vote between the remaining organizations.

We divided this school year into five themes, and during each theme, all of the money raised at our nine campus chapters will go to that theme’s organization. All of these are great non-profits! We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the leadership of many of the organizations that we support and to see the heart that motivates each of these organizations’ work.

If you would like to get involved in a chapter in your area or at your school, fill out this contact form.

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To give to these organizations, click here.


Health – Give Clean Water

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Theme Dates: September 1st – October 19th

Programs: Works in Kenya to provide access to safe drinking water through their highly effective filter distribution program. They also support locally run homes for orphans and vulnerable children.

Why they’re great: Just One Africa is led by a family that is passionate, hard-working, and Jesus-loving. The small non-profit has a spirit of excellence and a willingness to learn and improve in all of its operations. It is led with cultural and operational humility, and their water filter intervention is supported by follow-up data which shows that it is reducing the incidence of waterborne diseases. $65 will provide a clean water filter for one family for a lifetime.

Education – Give Hope Through Education

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Theme Dates: October 20th – December 6th

Programs: Built a school in Haiti for “left-behind” students that has 176 students.

Why they’re great: Still a young organization, 117 International was started by Curtis Stout who spent 9 months in Haiti after college. Curtis was in Haiti during the 2010 earthquake that devastated the country. While there, he met children who were too old for primary school and thus excluded from the educational system. The school he helped found is entirely run by a Haitian staff and is supported with resources and technical support by 117 International. They provide hope through education.

Safety – Give Rescue and Restoration

Zoe International

Theme Dates: December 7th – February 8th

Programs: Zoe International works to fight child trafficking in Thailand by through prevention, rescue, and the provision of healing and restoration in the name of Jesus.

Why they’re great: Long term, ZOE International desires to see local believers in Thailand, Mexico, Japan, and other areas be raised up to be leaders in their community heading the fight against human trafficking. While they do have an active role in the communities they are working in, their goal for discipling local leaders shows humility and a commitment to sustainability. They also support full-time missionaries overseas who are able to address the complexities of combatting child trafficking as they stay in communities for the long haul.

Capital – Give an Opportunity

Hope International

Theme Dates: February 9th – March 29th

Programs: Provides families in extreme poverty access to financial credit through savings groups and micro-finance.

Why they’re great: Hope International helps families flourish by providing those in extreme poverty access to small loans (microfinance) so that they can start their own businesses and grow their income. They also facilitate savings groups that allow those too poor to afford a savings account the opportunity to accumulate capital. Hope International “invests in the dreams of families” in poverty. Led by Harvard graduate Peter Greer, they operate with excellence and proclaim Christ, integrating discipleship and financial services for the poor.

Ministry – Give Holistic Redemption

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Theme Dates: March 30th – May 31st

Programs: Works to bring about sustainable change at the village level by assisting with village-led projects.

Why they’re great: Mission Hope is Christ-centered and holistic, seeking to provide for physical, economic, and spiritual needs in a process that works closely with local leaders. Their process emphasizes the agency of local community leaders. They do not rush into community development work as outsiders; rather, they patiently build relationships with local leaders to make sure that the changes enacted in the village are sustainable and holistic, making a physical, economic, and spiritual impact.