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Organizations We Support

Against Malaria Foundation

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Location: World

2015 revenue: $43,169,645

Programs: Distributes long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) to protect those at risk from malaria.

Why they’re great: AMF was determined by Give Well to be one of the most effective non-profits in terms of lives saved per dollar. It has been rigorously evaluated by Give Well which is the leading secular cause prioritization organization. For Give Well’s assessment of AMF:

Care For AIDs

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Location: Kenya

2015 revenue: $2,543,564

Programs: Mobilizes churches in East Africa to provide physical and spiritual care to HIV+ people.

Why they’re great: Care For AIDs is about “orphan prevention”. They combat stigma by working through churches, which are cultural centers in many east African countries, to education communities about HIV/AIDs. They support holistic support for HIV+ people: physical, emotional, social, economic, and spiritual. Care For AIDs has a spirit of excellence that is evident in their website, publications, and on-the-ground work.

International Christian Concern

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Location: World

2015 revenue: $2,738,632

Programs: Supports the persecuted church around the world.

Why they’re great: ICC supports wives and children of imprisoned or martyred pastors and helps underground pastors minister where they are. The organization has been evaluated by Charity Navigator, Guide Star, and the ECFA. Their new “Hope Houses” program will provide children with access to education, healthcare, and job training in places where Christians face persecution.

One 17 International

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Location: Haiti

2015 revenue: $179,779

Programs: Built a school in Haiti for “left-behind” students.

Why they’re great: Still a young organization, 117 International was started by Curtis Stout who spent 9 months in Haiti after college. Curtis was in Haiti during the 2010 earthquake that devastated the country. While there, he met children who were too old for primary school and thus excluded from the educational system. The school he helped found is entirely run by a Haitian staff and is supported with resources and technical support by 117 International.

Sustainable Harvest International

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Location: Central America

2015 revenue: $1,694,573

Programs: Promote sustainable farming to combat deforestation and poverty.

Why they’re great: Sustainable Harvest effectively combines the dual goals of preserving the environment and releasing farmers from poverty. With the help of local partners, they train farmers to grow crops without using the slash-and-burn method and teach them how to generate income through improved agribusiness skills.


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Location: Zambia

2015 revenue: $534,574

Programs: Provides support, skills training, and education to widows and orphans.

Why they’re great: All of Wiphan’s programs in Zambia are run by Zambians, for Zambians. The leaders of Wiphan are passionate about helping widows and orphans find good jobs, and their program in computer keyboarding partners with a company that outsources data entry to provide safe, well-paying jobs. We love Wiphan’s passion for living out James 2:17 by “offering hope to the hopeless through the love of Christ”.


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Location: Uganda

2015 revenue: $5,475,622

Programs: Built a secondary boarding school and has educational, medical, and agricultural programs.

Why they’re great: Started by Katie Davis, author of Kisses from Katie, Amazima was founded with a deep commitment to “live out the love of Jesus”. They are helping transform communities in Uganda in both spiritual and practical ways. Their strong commitment to put Christ first in everything is complimented by effective social programs that partner with the local community and support education, agriculture, and good health.

Children in Christ

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Location: Africa

2015 revenue: $502,438

Programs: Equips and empowers local churches to disciple and mature children in Christ among unreached people groups in Africa.

Why they’re great: Children in Christ focuses on one of the fastest growing demographics in the world, children in developing countries. They keep administrative costs low by utilizing a passionate volunteer staff and have the numbers to show that their ministry is extremely cost-effective.

Give Directly

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Location: Kenya and Uganda

2015 revenue: $51,174,550

Programs: Provides direct cash transfers to those in extreme poverty.

Why they’re great: Give Directly is one of Give Well’s top-rated charities. Give Well is the leading secular cause prioritization organization and has rigorously evaluated Give Directly’s programs. For Give Well’s assessment of Give Directly:

Just One Africa

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Location: Kenya

2015 revenue: $280,493

Programs: Distribute water filters to rural households, support rescue centers and schools, and help create income-generating activities.

Why they’re great: Just One Africa is led by a family that is passionate, hard-working, and Jesus-loving. The small non-profit has a spirit of excellence and a willingness to learn and improve in all of its operations. Their water filter intervention is supported by follow-up data which shows that it is reducing the incidence of waterborne diseases.

Sole Hope

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Location: Uganda

2015 revenue: $847,746

Programs: Removes jiggers, provides shoes, educates children on how to stay jigger free.

Why they’re great: Sole Hope’s administration is dedicated and committed to Jesus and the cause: jigger eradication. Their Outreach House in Uganda has expanded its capacity greatly recently and is seeing eight times more clients per day than it used to. Sole Hope was evaluated by Emily May, a member of our Board who is studying for her master’s in non-profits and who is currently interning with Sole Hope in Uganda.

Wellspring International

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Location: World

2015 revenue: $1,372,220

Programs: Supports projects that provide care for victims of sex trafficking, orphans, children with disabilities, the abandoned elderly, children with disabilities, and refugees.

Why they’re great: Supported by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Wellspring finds and evaluates projects around the world that are mostly run by local leaders. Their programs cover a wide range of vulnerable people but are united by a commitment to seek out those suffering and care for them. Your donation to Wellspring through Simple Charity will be used to help fund the construction of a burn victim center in South Asia.