How We Pick Organizations

We at Simple Charity are passionate about giving to the global poor, and this means we are passionate about high quality non-profits that are making a real impact. Changing lives around the world doesn’t require everyone to go—a few trustworthy people can make a huge difference on the ground if they are given enough resources. We really believe that you can make a difference across the world by empowering charities to do their work, but we know that not all charities are created equal and that donors have a right to know exactly where their money is going. More importantly, they have a right to know the integrity of the people and organizations they are entrusting their money with. That’s why we conducted extensive evaluations of all the organizations we partner with—so you can be sure that the money you sacrifice is stewarded well.

Our process of evaluation is broken down into four steps. First, we gather all of the available resources we can from the internet, so we can see what is being presented to the public. We review organizations’ websites, Form 990s, and annual reports. We also check with other third-party charity evaluating organizations including Give Well, Guide Star, Charity Navigator, and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Second, an SC volunteer conducts an interview with the organization to gather more detailed information. We have seven categories of evaluation: integrity, accountability, transparency, effectiveness, altruism, humility, and kingdom-mindedness that we use as a framework for the interview questions. Third, we rank each organization in the seven categories so that we can easily compare the organizations that we assess. Fourth and finally, we decide which organizations to partner with.

We hope that this process instills trust in you, the donor, for each of these organizations. We don’t want to waste your money on an ineffective or dishonest organization, so we do the upfront research for you. We want you to have confidence that you are making a difference when you give. We want to see lives changed and Jesus’ name exalted among the poor and the powerless.