We believe in transparency. Here's what we've got.

Simple Charity, Inc. believes that nonprofits should be completely transparent about their structure, activities, decisions, and financials. We want to serve as a model for what that transparency looks like.

Simple Charity, Inc. is based incorporated in the State of Georgia. It is 501(c)(3) tax-exempt effective February 18, 2016 under the public charity status 509(a)(2).

We are committed to making all of our documents easily accessible so you can make sure everything looks good. We will update them in a timely manner. Additionally, in the name of full disclosure, we will soon start maintaining a log of areas where we made mistakes, and what we did to correct them. If you have any concerns, please reach out.

Board Meeting Agendas

Board Minutes

Founding Documents


Articles of Incorporation

Other Documents

Financial Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Document Retention Policy

Volunteer Statement Philosophy


Our mistakes

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