Fall Carnival 2018

One of the world’s most difficult questions to answer is “how can we fight to end global poverty?” Simple Charity’sanswer is giving to smart, sincere, simple charities! On Friday, Simple Charity’s UGA chapter put on a Fall Carnival to raise money for One 17 International to build and operate schools in Haiti and Cambodia. The Carnival raised $232, which is enough to fund a classroom in Haitifor over six months!


One 17 International is an organization that is dedicated to serving the “left behind children” in Haiti through building and operating schools. These “left behind children” includeany students that cannot attend school due to their age, ability, gender, family situation, economic status or anyone who has never heard the name of Jesus. One 17 International firmly believes that education is the solution to ending extreme poverty.


While One 17 International started with classes for children, they expanded their reach to other people. Adult literacy courses, work study curriculums, and community outreach initiatives were established to bring an end to poverty in Haiti.


Along with One 17, Simple Charity confidently believesthat education is one of the keys to fighting global poverty. Education opens the doors to opportunity that can change culture and communities for a lifetime.


The global literacy rate for people over the age of 15 is around 86.3%. Over 171 million people would have the ability to escape extreme poverty if they had the basic skill of reading. The ability to read allows individuals to receive a higher education, which ultimately opens the doors to endless opportunities. The higher the education received, the higher the earning potential an individual can make.


When individuals have access to education and access to the Gospel, there is infinite possibilities for growth, restoration, and hope!


In Proverbs 14:31, we are reminded that “whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.” If the Lord has called us to help those in need, and the best gift to those in need is an education, how can we help? Pray and donate!


The power of prayer is undeniable, and I have personally seen miracles occur when people pray in faith! If we truly believe that our God is omnipotent then He can bring education to impoverished areas. We also need to take a step in faith by giving. If $232 can support a Haitian school for six months, imagine how much more we could do!


Megan Wilson is the Simple Charity President at the University of Georgia.


“We really believe in organizations that provide a way for people to ‘reach the first rung of the ladder,’” she said. “Most people in poverty in developing countries are there because of the lack of economic growth, deficiency of resources, and the vicious cycle of poverty! That’s why education is one of the best things to give to when donating money to fight global poverty.”